Listing Coordinator & Business Growth Specialist

    Top Kalamazoo Real Estate Team is seeking an administrative professional to focus on listing coordination, client care and business growth. Real Estate licensure and related experience is highly desired but not required for applicant to be a good fit.


    Will provide high quality service, 100% +1, to all of Matt Mulder’s customers.  Will assist departments in the form of clerical services, data entry, and support services to help Matt Mulder Team maintain and grow its client base whereby all customers and clients become Raving Fans. Will facilitate in overseeing all transactions from initial client to listing to offer received at an elite level by creating, following, and revising the systems inherent in the position. Will hold self and team accountable for performance, attitude, and growth.


    Customer Service, Care & Follow-up

    • Answer phones with a smile
    • Return calls, emails and messages promptly
    • Follow up with clients and other professionals regularly, both to update and check-in
    • Make sure all questions are answered fully and accurately
    • Organize/label incoming emails
    • Maintain notes in the database ensuring “our left hand talks with our right”
    • Always be positive, optimistic, and realistic
    • Ask all clients for referrals

    Listing Coordination

    • Prepare and obtain fully executed listing document packages
    • Order staging, photography, sign and lockbox placement
    • Verify accuracy of listing details with sellers prior to MLS listing
    • Write creative marketing remarks and home descriptions
    • Research online tax and municipal information
    • Enter information into the MLS
    • Coordinate showings and obtain and relay feedback
    • Issue lockbox codes as needed, including being on-call for possible weekend code needs
    • Coordinate open houses
    • Monitor deadlines
    • Guide sellers in obtaining any necessary documentation for title work and sale such as mortgage payoffs, homeowners association info, etc.
    • Execute price reductions, extensions, and other listing status changes as needed
    • Create & Implement Systems for smoother workflow.
    • Manage special projects and perform other related duties as assigned
    • Manage database, input new leads, set up follow up campaigns.
    • Cross-train to effectively be able to fill in as needed for the Closing Coordinator

    Clerical Duties

    • Answer phone calls and emails; handle inquiries when possible or direct to a team member
    • Help to maintain team email by keeping an organized, labeled, and clean inbox
    • Keep detailed database notes for all transactions and clients
    • Prepare documents, obtain signatures, and forward to applicable parties as necessary
    •  Input new client leads into database with accuracy and as much information as possible; ensure immediate follow up from a licensed team member
    • Attempt to set an appointment with new client leads whenever possible


    • Update websites and social media for a consistent and positive online presence
    • Implement a social media/blogging plan and create content for regular postings
    • Optimize lead follow up campaigns in BoomTown, etc for maximum response
    • Maintain current listing advertisements on Craigslist
    • Create new marketing material, flyers, etc. as needed
    • Work with third party graphic designer to create monthly ‘farming’ postcards
    • Track paid marketing efforts and return on investment
    • Manage the IVR Home Hotline system, recordings, and corresponding flyer for all current listings
    • Research new potential sources of business such as referral websites, etc.


    • Manage current job postings regularly across the web and occasionally on social media, etc.
    • Obtain DISC profiles from applicants as requested
    • Maintain applicant files; save received documents and relay to team leader
    • Update the new agent spreadsheet monthly as each new GKAR Bearings Newsletter is released; contact new agents as advised and maintain database campaign for 1-year-old agents
    • Keep online hiring ads current and dynamic
    • Mastermind with other top admins and research ad postings from other top teams in big cities; find new places to look for talent
    • Make scripted calls to agents we have closed a deal with

    Post-Closing Follow Up

    • Manage and maintain a systematic follow up plan for all closed/past clients
    • Seek to obtain positive reviews from all closed transactions
    • Call every past client in the database once annually in pursuit of referral business and an active client relationship
    • Organize content for and send a mass email to our database once monthly


    Compensation offered based on status of licensure and experience; hourly rate + bonuses.


    If you feel you are qualified, please apply online here:

    You will be asked to complete a DISC Personality Profile and to supply your professional resume before your first interview.