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It’s a Team Effort

Having a team behind you doesn’t just mean moral support – it means having an actual backup plan for help with showings, vacation coverage, and any of the million other things that can come up in life to cause trouble with your availability to meet with clients. Your clients will never be left high and dry!

Administrative Support

Real estate is a real business and there’s a lot more that goes into running one than showing homes and writing offers. Our administrative support professionals take care of everything the business needs, to name a few:

  • Full Time Listing & Pending Transaction Coordinators
  • Double checking the accuracy of closing statements
  • Making sure you get your commission check
  • Database maintenance and upkeep
  • Keeping legal records
  • Email set up, security, and support
  • Marketing ads, mailers, follow up calls
  • Monitoring legal deadlines for license renewals, etc.
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Optimizing procedures and systems for effective work flow
  • Ordering materials and supplies
  • Production tracking and reports

Past Client Follow Up Systems

We have the systems in place to guarantee that all of our clients not only remember us well after closing, but keep us top of mind whenever a thought or comment is made about real estate. Post-closing follow up can seem like a chore at first glance, but nurturing relationships beyond the transaction is actually the very best source of repeat and referral business there is and it’s worth every effort.

Our touch plan includes:

  • 1 annual personal check-in call
  • 1 annual birthday card
  • 4 quarterly e-newsletters
  • 4 seasonal mailings of value
    • Includes things like spring seed packets and Air Zoo tickets
  • 1 Thanksgiving card
  • 2 to 3 giveaway contests throughout the year
  • 1 Client Appreciation Party
  • 1 VIP Cocktail Mixer

Marketing & Advertisement

Over 15 years of experience, branding, and name recognition immediately go to work for you! We have taps on more than a dozen different sources of business and a proven track record of excellent service that turns into repeat business and referrals.

  • Sign & Lockbox Management
  • Client Presentations
  • Open House Flyers
  • Zillow Premier Access

Vendor Partners

Having strong relationships with reliable lenders and title company providers can make or break the customer’s experience during a real estate transaction. From getting timely responses to being able to pull a few strings, our agents are able to take full advantage of these relationships we have built and strengthened over the years from day one.


Agents that are new to the Matt Mulder Team don’t just sign a contract to get left in the dust. We are invested in your success from Day 1 and one of the ways we make sure you kick off to a great start is by partnering you with an experienced Mentor to work with side by side as you learn our systems and techniques for a full year after you sign on. You’ll have a direct link to be able to leverage their experience to provide your clients with the top notch experience they deserve.

In-House Classes

Ask us for a copy of this month’s training calendar – it is consistently packed full of learning opportunities – from live streams to guest speakers and daily classes – we do it all!

We put in the work to teach you everything you need to know about how to actually sell real estate after you pass the state licensing class.

Productivity Coaching

Designed to help agents build productive businesses that maintain predictable income consistently, by helping them establish their goals, to help with building a client base, learning the nuts and bolts of Real Estate Transactions, understanding the Ethics of the business as well as the function and importance of vendors with which they interact on a regular basis.

Scripts & Dialogues

We understand that it’s actually what we do that determines our success, not the market, and that honing our skills in how we talk to people can make all the difference. We have a vast resource of scripts & dialogues that we use and practice on a daily basis that have been proven to help us increase our lead conversion rates and improve our customer’s experiences.

Let’s face it- real estate is complicated! There’s no way you can just remember to do everything you need to do each day. We provide the professional tools, systems and technology you need to save you time and simplify your task list. Saving time means either an opportunity for making more money, or better quality of life.

Contact Matt for more information today!