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Otsego Real Estate

Otsego is proud of the variety of retailers, professional service and industrial production that is located within the city in southeaster Allegan County. Many types of housing are available in Otsego. Single family homes in all price ranges are available in both older established areas of the City and new residential developments. Overall, property values continue to appreciate due to market demands. This city is the home of over 3,700 people.

The Otsego City Commission established the City of Otsego Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in 1985 to facilitate economic development in the central business district. This body oversees the following functions for the downtown: public improvements, private improvements management and promotion, and tenant search. A considerable amount of construction has occurred over the past few years, including new parking lots, a new grocery store, a new Post Office, underground utility lines, attractive new street lamps, downtown parks, and other functional and aesthetic improvements.

The Otsego Public Schools System has an excellent educational reputation at all levels and offers a full variety of extra-curricular activities. As a class “B” school, it is large enough to offer subjects ranging from theater to advanced computer applications. However, classes are still small enough to provide individual attention to all students. The average student-to-teacher ratio for classes is 23:1. Elementary and secondary education is also provided by three local parochial schools.

“Otsego” was named after Lake Otsego in New York and is a combination of two words from the Iroquois Indian dialect: “Ot” means a meeting place, and “Sego” is a word of greeting. Dorothy Dalrymple, a long-time resident, compiled a comprehensive and interesting history of Otsego. Her book is available in the Laura Sanford Room of the Otsego District Public Library.

The City of Otsego operates its own administrative, police, fire, public works, water, wastewater treatment, assessing, and inspection departments. The Kalamazoo River which flows lazily through the town adds to its picturesque setting.

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